A message to our TDF community

Hello everyone,

Firstly we at TDF would like to thank everyone within our community who have been committed to helping keep our people safe, our children engaged and educated, our at-risk family and friends protected and our elderly in good spirits. Thank you all, your contributions don’t go unnoticed.

Secondly, I personally would like to apologise for this message taking so long to reach you all. Without delving too deep into the details, my family has been affected by this pandemic and I have had to prioritise their wellbeing in the short term.

We at TDF would like to confirm that we are still very much committed to: The advancement of future generations of black people. We enable this by creating a community of excellent role models and environments where young black people can achieve their unlimited potential.

To the parents of the children in our community

TDF are still committed to helping guide and educate children within our communities, where reasonably practical. We have been exploring the possibility of hosting virtual meetings and the potential creation a video series which can be shared with you all to help capture where possible subjects such as:

  1. What is Covid-19?
  2. How does Covid-19 impact me?
  3. The importance of keeping clean
  4. What is Quarantine?
  5. How to help my mum and dad during quarantine?

There is currently no timeline in place for the delivery of these videos, but we will keep you all updated on our progress. If there is any bespoke advice that parents need at this time to help care for children, please direct all of your questions to info@thedecisionfactory.org and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Programmes in 2020

TDF are in ongoing negotiations with existing and newly formed corporate partners with regards to programmes that will run in 2020. Understandably there is going to be a reduction in programmes which involve the children of our community physically being in public places.

We are hoping to be able to confirm that at least our Black Boys/Girls in Business event can be delivered later this year, but even this is yet to be confirmed. Again, if these cannot be delivered this year, we will work on a way in which we can educate the children of the community remotely. To stay up to date with these developments please subscribe to updates via our website.

Thank you all. Stay home, stay safe and let’s continue to protect our communities.

Ramone Johnson

Uncle, Brother, Son and TDF Director

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