The Decision Factory (TDF) Team Roles:
Michael Crawford – Co-founder / Director/ Head of Operations
Jason Anthony Neil – Director/ Head of Registrations & Funding
Ramone Johnson – Director/ Head of Project, Finance & Communications

Meet the Directors of The Decision Factory (TDF):

Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford

Michael is a critical thinker and innovator, formerly employed as an engineer at a US tech giant in the department of manufacturing design.
In the early stages of his professional career Michael developed a deep level of understanding within the field of textile technology. This afforded him global opportunities at notable sportswear companies and agencies, providing technical uniforms to government organisations.
Michael is also a Learning & Development Associate and a Diversity Network Ambassador.

Jason Anthony Neil

Jason Neil
Jason has 20 years’ experience working as a support worker, providing person-centred support to service users with brain injuries and physical disabilities.
Throughout his experiences as a support worker, it became evident that fitness played an active role in boosting mental health and wellbeing.
Jason also understands the importance of nutrition in maximising the benefits of sport and fitness, alongside prolonging life. This in turn led him into the field of fitness and wellbeing as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

Ramone Johnson
Ramone Johnson

Ramone is a Project and Commercial Manager with over 9 years’ consulting experience. His background is primarily in the civil and structural engineering sector.
During his early career, Ramone was originally a civil engineer and worked on a wide variety of projects including; nuclear, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, rail, earthworks and residential, from RIBA Stages 0-6.
Ramone has an astounding ability to boost team morale and experience of being both part of and managing consultancy teams, ensuring deliverables are produced on time, on budget and to a great quality.