Mission and Values

Our mission is the advancement of future generations of black people. We enable this by creating a community of excellent role models and environments where young black people can achieve their unlimited potential.

We achieve this by:

  • Inspiring young black youth to do the things that inspire them and by believing that each person has the ability to contribute positively to society and make a valuable difference.
  • Being a platform for those who are in a position to ‘move the needle’ to support others to success.
  • Providing a supportive framework for black youth to thrive through nurturing life skills and focussing on all areas of wellbeing.

Unconscious Bias:

  • Working to provide the access for young black people, by working with corporate organisations, writing and delivering corporate social responsibility and equality and diversity inclusion initiatives. The aim is to enhance their current diversity and inclusion processes.

Positive Nepotism:

  • Should nepotism exist, then The Decision Factory aims to counter it by providing positive nepotism to the black community.

Role Models & Positive Influencers

  • By engaging the disengaged and including the excluded, The Decision Factory aims to find ways to open doors and opportunities where they may previously have been closed or appeared to have been closed.