Black Boys in Business

The Decision Factory creates dynamic collaborations with schools and global organisations to present a programme called Black Boys in Business.

Black Boys in Business (BBIB) offers black students a soft introduction into different areas of business, peaking interest in a range of careers from a young age. BBIB provides support with access to work experience opportunities whilst promoting diversity within the corporate workforce.

We are launching the first phase of the programme in 2019 in the Built Environment Consultancy Sector.

The UK has a long standing history of achievement in the Engineering and Built Environment Sector. However, this sector is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals.

Only 6% of UK engineers come from black and minority ethnic backgrounds although an average of 25% engineering graduates are black.

The Decision Factory aims to help this sector to increase the number of ethnic minority students who wish to pursue successful careers within the industry alongside tackling unconscious bias. This may often be a factor for the lack of diversity within this industry.

Black Boys in Business Phase I: 3 Day Summer Activity, August 2019

Outside of term time, The Decision Factory are running a 3 day programme where a group of students will spend time in the offices of our collaborative partner partaking in workshops, challenges and fun activities.

Black Boys in Business Phase II: Term Time Activity

Representatives from our collaborative partners and The Decision Factory visit black students during the final two years of secondary school. Their time is used to offer insight workshops and present options for the students, to partake in a week of work experience at their offices.

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