Starting out with The Decision Factory

After a lot of research, mind mapping and manifesto writing, we were able to put our ideas together and plan a strategy on how we will present ourselves to best portray our values and aims. We have decided to run our organisation on a project basis – releasing long term and short term projects as well as workshops and training. We are also in the process of developing a mentoring scheme which will form a huge part of The Decision Factory. There has been an enormous amount of work in the background which has led us to this point and there is still an enormous amount of work left to do.

The Decision Factory was registered by Companies House in June 2018 and we recently had our first event which happened on the 29th July 2018. The project was birthed out of The Decision Factory research looking for positive black imagery online and the difficulties that we faced. This led to an idea to create an online stock photography website with black imagery. The event was called Carbon Pix, which commenced the formation of Carbon Stock.

We also have a programme called Black Boys in Business (BBIB), aimed at young boys aged 9 -11. It encompasses a catalogue of projects covering multiple areas within employment industries targeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

The first programme is aimed at seeking engagement from organisations wishing to run the project. Phase 1 of the programme runs outside of term time and allows young black boys to spend three days with the company, interacting with professionals in areas such as Finance, IT etc.

Phase 2 takes place during term time and professionals from the affiliated organisation will attend the school and offer a week of after school workshops and mentoring. There are many more ideas in the pipeline which you will learn of in due course and we are excited to have a project to fit in with the careers & employment angle of The Decision Factory.

In relation to our conversations, the potential to work in the education sector is huge and extremely important. Being a non profit organisation we are able to apply for funding and seek support from other companies and organisations. As a project based organisation we are in the perfect position and flexible enough to put together workable projects that can be presented and accepted by government, private and charitable sectors.

We look forward to hearing what you have in store and offering support where possible.

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